Neither words, nor writing

I thought I might start documenting some other creative endeavors in my life, lest you think that my entire life consists of reading. (Mostly, it does.)

My parents enrolled me in sewing and quilting classes when I was about 10. I still think this may have been a questionable decision considering my near-blindness and lack of coordination, but luckily I left the class with no serious injuries, and a matching moon-themed elastic shorts/vest/scruncci outfit, to boot!

My fashion design skills have yet to resurface, but in the event that the early-90’s vest/shorts combo comes back into fashion, you know where to find me. However, after college, I did pick up quilting again.  I had no idea what I was getting into, because evidently when you quilt as a 10-year-old the instructors shield you from most of the difficult steps.  But I’ve spent the last few years practicing, taking a couple of classes, and doing a lot of seam ripping. And have a few completed projects.

This was for my nephew. It is made with flannel which seemed appropriate for a Boston winter.



This is the back.


Re-learning to sew has been an interesting process. I think it might be the first time that I am learning something simply because I love it, and it’s fun. There’s no end-goal or final grade.  It it just satisfying to teach yourself to do something.  And then to have a class teach you when the books and youtube fall short.

There won’t be too many of these types of posts, so if you’re completely uninterested in the art of fabric placement, free-motion quilting, and binding– no worries.


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